Frosch /2018


Increase brand awareness and sales within a limited budget.


Digital media campaign with accurate targeting of potential Frosch consumers. Since the consumer category is several times smaller than Central Asia on a demographic basis, the purchase of data has become profitable, having lowered the cost of contact to the consumer’s category of fabric softeners several times. Were used data X5 Retail Group on the consumer category, that is, only for those who buy fabric softeners. As channels, posts with video in OC and VC, as well as the placement of OLV in the Group network were used. In addition, the purchase of data made it possible to evaluate the contribution of advertising directly to sales: the share of Frosch in the category before, during the advertising campaign, and after was analyzed.



The growth of brand knowledge according to Ipsos Comcon amounted to: Knowledge with a hint among consumers category + 3.3% Knowledge with a hint among consumers category on the target group + 4.3% Knowledge with a hint among the target group of the brand + 2.9%

“This case shows the effectiveness of purchasing data for advertisers with a narrow and specific audience: despite the significantly higher price of contact, we did not advertise a significant share of the audience for which the product is irrelevant as a whole. This made it possible, within the framework of a small budget, to build an effective contact frequency for potential consumers, which resulted in the growth of all brand metrics in the absence of any other advertising activity, ” - comments Pavel Demchenko, digital director of Arena.

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