Digital audio

KIABI /2018


Increase the number of visitors to the offline customer store at the Aviapark shopping center by attracting new audiences and assess the cost of the attracted client from each format (and especially digital Audio), form a benchmark database on the cost of attracting the client.


An advertising campaign was planned and launched (using social networks, video, audio to digital) with the possibility of using SuperGeo technology, when advertising is broadcast to the audience that lives and works not far from the Aviapark shopping center. Impressions were limited in demographics and interests. Measurement of conversion is shown -> the visit was carried out using wi-fi sensors.


Various formats were tested that showed a positive ROI in terms of attracting customers and formed targets for optimization. At the same time, a promotional post with video and audio ads, followed by a banner, showed the highest conversion contact -> visit, and, accordingly, the lowest cost of the attracted client.

“The digital audio format is fairly new and there is practically no industrial data on its effectiveness. We conducted an advertising campaign with measurements of the conversion to offline visits to the store and got impressive results: the format really works and generates traffic no worse than standard formats, such as video. At the same time, a bunch of audio + display contact on social networks shows a 50% higher conversion than just audio. Digital audio can become a full-fledged segment of the media mix if you build a through frequency between different formats, ”comments Pavel Demchenko, digital Director Arena.

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