Catch in 60 seconds

KIABI /2018


At the end of December, a unique competition was held at the KIABI flagship store, timed to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the French brand.


The competition was preceded by a special project that included an online test on the site, which was announced and promoted by bloggers, one of whom became the leading shopping run in the store. Three test finalists showed the greatest knowledge of fashion trends and answered all questions as correctly as possible. In total, more than 10 thousand people took part in the competition throughout Russia. The winners were offered an attraction of unprecedented generosity: in exactly 60 seconds participants could choose any items in the KIABI store and carry them away for free with them.


45% of test participants finished it, and this is more than 20% of all who came to the landing page - the results indicate that the content was popular and interesting - 8.23% - amounted to the Engagement Rate in the accounts of bloggers


In the store for the finalists, they created the most comfortable conditions: they conducted a tour, introduced them to the assortment and the brand's history, so that the girls could avoid chaotic shopping. After that, under the strict supervision of the presenter, each of the participants was given exactly 60 seconds to pick up the things she liked in any quantities and go to the checkout at the end of time.

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